Dome Mirror

For wide angle viewing, the Ceiling Dome Mirror, Wall Dome Mirror and Corner Dome Mirror are ideal in open areas above aisles and shelving and visitor reception areas.
Thanks to its high quality, favorable price, and complete series of size, dome mirror takes up a lot of the market and is popular among users. Dome convex mirror can be divided into three types, namely full dome mirror, half dome mirror, and quarter dome mirror. The size of each option is from 30cm to 120cm.
Dome mirror is a device which broadens user’s visual field and eliminate visual dead angle. Compared with convex mirror, dome mirror have wider visual angle. When user is not directly facing convex mirror, the observation effect can not be satisfying and user can see nothing when at the back of it. Dome mirror however, adopts round design to make observation position more flexible.
Dome mirror is installed on the ceiling, under which user can see the situation displayed on the product. Half dome mirror is often installed at the border of ceiling and wall, and quarter dome mirror is installed at the junction of two walls. And these 3 product have overcome space limitation and can provide clear images for customers. 
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