Full Set Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror
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The under vehicle inspection mirror is designed specifically for viewing a wider area under neath vehicles and machinery. The castor wheels allow the mirror to be easily positioned, while the extra deep acrylic convex mirror ensures a maximum viewing area. Specifically designed for vehicle inspection, machinery inspection, bomb inspection, and for a wide variety of other safety checks and inspections. Complete with fully adjustable long handle 0.5 meters – 1 meters, And there are additional telescopic handle 0.5mx4pcs, and packed with protection hand bag, or high quality aluminum box.
The under vehicle inspection mirror also be fitted with the LED Light. The LED light provides up-lighting to any low lit are 
 as that require more visibility. 

1.2.0mm PMMA(acrylic) convex mirror 
2.Aluminum telescopic handle which can extend from 0.5M~1M/
3.Additional telescopic connecting handle 0.5M*4pcs
4.Caster wheels and light

Item No Name of Goods Description of Goods Size of Goods(cm) Packing packing size (cm)
KLTC-0030 Vehicle inspection mirror 2.0mm PMMA(acrylic) convex mirror /Aluminum telescopic handle which can extend from 0.5M~1M/ /Additional telescopic connecting handle 0.5M*4pcs/ wheels/ light Φ30 1set/handbag or 1set/carton 57*36*13.5
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