Indoor Convex Mirror

Indoor Convex safety Mirrors are an excellent way to prevent shop theft and accidents in the workplace. Jessubond has a wide range of circular and dome shaped mirrors which are specifically designed for monitoring problem areas. By preventing blind spots and difficult to see areas, convex security mirrors give staff or store security the ability to covertly keep a closer eye on customers or visitors. Convex safety mirrors can also help to prevent collisions in warehouses, garages, hospitals or any other buildings with busy corridors and passageways. The indoor convex safety mirrors come complete with a fully adjustable mounting bracket which is designed to give the best optimal viewing angle in specific areas. For wide angle viewing, the Ceiling Dome Mirror, Wall Dome Mirror and Corner Dome Mirror are ideal in open areas above aisles and shelving and visitor reception areas.
Indoor convex mirror is also widely used in place like parking lot, garage, school, storage and factory etc.
The mirror face is made of 2mm acrylic or thinner polycarbonate. So the product is light, tough, and can resist light shock. Mirror back is made of light PP material, which is featured with excellent shock resistance, high surface hardness. Good corrosion resistance, and good insulating quality. So it can effectively protect the mirror face
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