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These wall mounted half dome mirrors are the most effective convex mirrors to enable 180o views in either direction at T-Intersections and corridors. The wide angle allows vision both left and right and are ideal at the end of corridors and retail aisles where shelving can create blind spots. Half Dome mirrors are mounted to the wall with the supplied dome capped screws and are essential for store surveillance above shelving. Especially useful in busy corridors such as hospitals, schools, warehouses and factories so that the risk of an accident is greatly reduced

1. The half dome mirror are made of high quality acrylic(also called PMMA),The mirror visibility is excellent, acrylic is strong and it is not easy to scratch on the surface. The edge is rubber material.
2. The installation is very simple, it can be installed under the ceiling directly by screw.
3. 180 degree viewing, 3 ways intersections, for large area panoramic viewing.
In some country, it is also called Spherical mirror.
Usage: For security, the dome mirror is widely be used to eliminate blind spots and improve surveillance in all types of retail stores, parking lots, warehouses, offices. There are three kinds of dome mirrors ca be installed at different location according to your need.
Packing: In order to save the space, normally 5pcs or 10pcs in one carton.

Model Size KEY LIGHT Mirror back material Packing Packing size
acrylic mirror face thickness(mm)
KLAH-0120 180°*120cm 2 No back 5pcs/ctn 135*67*72
KLAH-0100 180°*100cm 2 5pcs/ctn 110*60*62
KLAH-0090 180°*90cm 2 5pcs/ctn 102*58*57
KLAH-0080 180°*80cm 2 5pcs/ctn 90*47*50
KLAH-0070 180°*70cm 2 5pcs/ctn 80*40*45
KLAH-0060 180°*60cm 2 5pcs/ctn 71*37*39
KLAH-0050 180°*50cm 2 5pcs/ctn 62*32*37
KLAH-0040 180°*40cm 2 5pcs/ctn 50*29*30
KLAH-0030 180°*30cm 2 5pcs/ctn 40*25*25

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