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Traffic cone is designed to improve traffic safety, There are several kinds of raw materials, such as plastic, rubber, PVC and so on.Besides, reflector is available.
As an important solution facility in road traffic, traffic cone is used to make drivers bypass constructors of dangerous area. Due to the reflective design, drivers can quickly discover the product even in the night or days with rain or fog. Products of some types use LED top light to be more attractive.
Jessubond traffic cone is firm and steady, as a whole, and it is not easy to break even when hit bu cars.The original color of surface and overall strength can be kept even after long-term use. For our products is resistant to water and sunshine. Customers can choose appropriate products of certain height to meet different requirements of road, hotel, community, and parking lot, etc.
Jessubond is a professional traffic cone supplier,based in China.WE offer a broad range of products, including hospital dome mirror,convex safety mirror, stainless steel convex mirror, and more.
1. PVC traffic cone
1.Completely made of new PVC material,having favorable flexibility and can stand press of car.Also it will not be broken if it is stuck by hard things.The PVC cone could be twisted and pressed in 360 degrees.
2.Mixed with high-quality pigment and anti-UV is sun-proof,waterproof,heat-resistant,cold-resistant,non-rimous,colorfast and so on.Color can not be fade within 2 years.
3.Inter phase red color and white reflective sleeve is very striking.Highly reflective,good warning effects at both day and night.

2. Rubber traffic cone 

3.PE traffic cone
1. PVC traffic cone
Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-201A 900mm 4.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201B 900mm 5kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201C 900mm 4.7kgs 360x360mm
LZ-201D 900mm 4.2kgs 360x360mm

Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-202 720mm 3.5kgs 380x380mm
LZ-203A 700mm 2.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-203B 700mm 1.7kgs 360x360mm

Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-204 700mm 3.2kgs 360x360mm
LZ-205 470mm 0.9kgs 300x300mm
LZ-206 450mm 1.1kgs 280x280mm

Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-207 450mm 1.65kgs 280x280mm
LZ-208 300mm 0.6kgs 210x210mm

Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-209A 750mm 2.35kgs 340x340mm
LZ-209B 750mm 3.3kgs 360x360mm
LZ-210 710mm 3.2kgs 350x350mm
2. Rubber traffic cone 
Item No Height Weight Base Size
LZ-101 700mm 2.8kgs 400x400mm
LZ-102 700mm 2.8kgs 400x400mm
LZ-103 700mm 2.8kgs 400x400mm
LZ-104 700mm 3.0kgs 360x360mm
LZ-105 500mm 1.5kgs 300x300mm
LZ-106 500mm 1.5kgs 350x350mm
LZ-107 500mm 1.5kgs 350x350mm
LZ-108 500mm 1.5kgs 350x350mm
LZ-109 500mm 1.5kgs 300x300mm
LZ-110 700mm 4.5kgs 420x420mm
LZ-111 700mm 4.5kgs 400x400mm
3.PE traffic cone
Item No Height Weight Base size Base weight
LZ-001 500mm 1.5kgs 280x280mm 1.3kgs
LZ-002 500mm 1.5kgs 280x280mm 1.3kgs

Item No Height Weight Base size Base weight
LZ-003 750mm 2.5kgs 380x380mm 1.9kgs
LZ-004 750mm 2.5kgs 380x380mm 1.9kgs

Item# Height Weight Base size Cone weight
LZ-005 750mm 1.2kgs 280x280mm 1.0kgs

Item# Height Weight Base size Base weight
LZ-006 1000mm 5kgs 490x490mm 4.0kgs
LZ-007 1000mm 5kgs 490x490mm 4.0kgs

Item# Height Weight Base size
LZ-008 900mm 9kgs 890x890x890mm
LZ-009 600mm 4kgs 680x680x680mm

Item# Height Weight Base size
LZ-010 560mm 1.2kgs 400x400x400mm
LZ-011 520mm 1.2kgs 310x310x310mm
LZ-012 750mm 3.5kgs 400x400mm

Item# Height Weight Base size Base weight
LZ-014 750mm 4.2kgs 380x380mm 3.5kgs
LZ-015 750mm 4.0kgs 430x430mm 3.3kgs
LZ-016 1000mm 6.0kgs 500x500mm 5.0kgs

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