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Jessubond is a specialist traffic safety product manufacturer based in China.We offer a selection of rubber wheel stops and plastic wheel stops.The wheel stop,also called car stop or parking block is mainly used in car parks or garage to prevent damage to other cars as well as walls.pathways and more.It is the best device to correct the car parking position.
1.Our wheel stops come with unique trapezoid design which can effectively reduce shock from car in parking.With excellent buffering performance and great resistance to collision, it can not be damaged in long term impact by car wheel or other hard objects. And can also protect other cars and walls around it.
2.Both rubber and plastic where stops enjoy remarkable weather resistance. They have no cracking and are non-discoloring long time use.Reasonable stop design enables the wheel stop to be well suited for large and small vehicles.
3.Yellow–and black color makes this car parking device extremely eye catching and thereby achieve waning effect. At night, the reflective can reflect light to warn the driver.
4.Our wheel stops are designed with double mounting holes for perfect fixation to the ground, ensuring no movement when hit by vehicles.
Our wheel stops are suited to use in underground parking lots, garages, outdoor parking spaces, reserved parking space in factories, warehouses, etc.Generally, they are installed at the back area of parking space, 1m from the front line.
1. Rubber wheel stop

2. Plastic wheel locator
1.Rubber wheel stop

Item# DWQ-001
size L500Xw160xH100mm
weight 4.5kgs
Item# DWQ-002
size L500Xw150xH100mm
weight 3.5kgs
Item# DWQ-003
size L560Xw150xH100mm
weight 5kgs
Item# DWQ-004
size L500Xw150xH100mm
weight 5kgs
Item# DWQ-005
size L1650Xw150xH100mm
weight 15kgs
Item# DWQ-006
size L1600Xw120xH100mm
weight 4kgs/6Kkgs
Item# DWQ-007
size L500Xw130xH100mm
weight 3.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-008
size L500Xw150xH100mm
weight 4.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-009
size L560Xw150xH100mm
weight 4.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-010
size L1830XW150xH100mm
weight 15Kkgs
Item# DWQ-012
size L900XW150xH100mm
weight 6.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-013
size L560XW150xH100mm
weight 5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-011
size L500XW160xH100mm
weight 1.6Kkgs
Item# DWQ-015
size L500XW150xH100mm
weight 3.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-016
size L560XW150xH100mm
weight 3.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-017
size L560XW130xH100mm
weight 3.5Kkgs
Item# DWQ-018
size L500XW130xH110mm
weight 0.85Kkgs

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